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Tue, Mar 15 2016 18:00 UTC

Memory-optimized tables for SQL 2014 and 2016


Memory-optimized tables for SQL 2014 and 2016

SQL Server 2014 and 2016 introduce capabilities that will change your database design and implementation experience. Customers have seen up to 15x throughput improvements with Memory-Optimized tables. This session will discuss some of the practical guidance around using Memory-Optimized tables and dive into how our customers have implemented them to see tremendous improvements in their environments today.

Solving customer needs and issues are my passion. I can translate customer pain into potential solutions. A seasoned Microsoft SQL and Azure expert, with over 18 years of experience with Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, and other relational databases. Specialties: PreSales Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Enterprise Scalability, SQL Server perf, Business Intelligence, High Availability, Scale. I volunteer and present relevant topics at SQL Saturday and internal Microsoft events